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Suggest something to read

We welcome all suggestions for texts to discuss at future meetings. To make sure all these stay together please use the comments feature attached to this page to make any such suggestions.
Ideally texts will be in the public domain and available online. We also try to maintain a balance between more academic journal articles and other relevant literature, as well as trying to pick texts which appeal across the recordkeeping spectrum (archives and records management).

Thank you for your help.

  1. A suggestion to get the ball rolling:

    Nicola Waddington, “The employment of people with disabilities as archivists, records managers, conservators and assistants”, Journal of the Society of Archivists 25(2), October 2004.
    Available online at: Unlike most JSA articles, it’s currently free to access (by special request of the Archives & Records Association (UK & Ireland) Diversity Working Group).

    This is from an academic journal but very different from the more theoretical articles that we’ve read from other journals. It’s also relevant to the whole recordkeeping spectrum.

  2. Fabiana Barticioti permalink

    My suggestion is the article by Paul Connerton, ”Seven types of forgetting”, found here:

    It is not a text directly related to applied archive science but it does bring an origanl angle to the discussion of keeping memory. I got inspired by Professor Jeannette Bastian from the Graduate School of Library and Information Science at Simmons College who gave a very inspirational talk at Jenkinson Lecture on 13th March 2013. You may want to discuss this text later this year as this group have been discussing texts relating to memory recently.

  3. I wonder whether these two recent posts on different blogs would work as companion pieces:

    Do we in the archives and recordkeeping professions define our remit too narrowly or too broadly?

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