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Happy 2015 to one and all

January 23, 2015

The first meeting of Cardigan Continuum London will be held on Wednesday 25th February at 5.30pm in the Arts and Humanities Staff Common Room, Foster Court, UCL [directions]. In a spirit of renewal in keeping with the arrival of the New Year (and copying Cardigan Continuum South) we will be reading ‘Reinventing Archival Methods in the Hague‘ by Cassie Findlay. This paper comes from a recent initiative of the Recordkeeping Roundtable, kindred spirits on the other side of the world.

The meeting will also discuss, inspired by all this talk of reinvention, the future of Cardigan Continuum. We have been going now for over three years, plenty of time to get into a rut, so all thoughts are welcome as to how (or if) we want to do things differently.

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  1. As a rather less serious take on the topic of boundaries and barriers in the archival domain, I’ve just stumbled across this:

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