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Winners of the Hilarys Announced

March 28, 2014

Yesterday, it was my great privilege to announce the winners of the Hilarys at the UKAD Forum 2014, and now I get to do so again here on the blog (drum roll please)…

The winner of the award for Most Thought Provoking Encounter goes to The National Archives’ Files on Film competition, which gained 39 out of a possible 69 votes cast.

The winner of the award of Most Promising New(s)comer goes to The Last Days of Aaron Swartz, posted by Myron Groover on his blog Bibliocracy on 13th January 2013, which gained 87 out of a possible 191 votes cast.

Congratulations to both of the worthy winners, but ultimately the Hilarys has never really been about a competition to win an award. Rather it has always been meant as both a reminder and a challenge to the archives and records management field.

A reminder in that it has sought to get us to look up and outwards, to actively seek new ways of thinking and to try to see through the eyes of others.

A challenge in that it has sought to encourage us to become better at inserting ourselves and the importance of recordkeeping into the story. Not everyone will agree that what Aaron Swartz did was right, but no one would deny that he stood up for what he believed in. His story was brought to the Hilarys by a blog written by Myron Groover and I will end with a quote from that post;

“Let us be less willing to shy from the challenging aspects of our work at the level of policy and advocacy – our voices are desperately needed. We no longer have the luxury of silence and whispering position statements is no longer enough”


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