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Shortlist for the Hilarys announced

January 21, 2014

Please note voting is now closed.

Following last night’s meeting I am very pleased to be able to announce the shortlist for the Hilarys 2013. The self selected Awards Committee first spent a bit of time debating the criteria for the various awards and also the seeming lack of nominations for the category of most promising newcomer. As a result they ended up slightly changing this category and adding new wording to try to explain a little better what was being looked for in that and the most thought-provoking encounter category. Next the nominations were shortlisted – see below – and an extra nomination was added because the committee saw it as a glaring omission given the re-jigging of the newcomer category.

We would like to send out both congratulations and commiserations to all those nominations that did not make the shortlist. It was very hard to choose between so many excellent possibilities. The final shortlist (in no particular order) is however as follows.

Most thought-provoking encounter – the outside perspective that best conveys to the profession an insight into, or illustration of, the multiplicity of meanings of archives and records

Most promising new(s)comer – the news story or event that offered the greatest potential for communicating the issues involved in, and the importance of, recordkeeping to wider society

As you can see you can vote for your favourite. Everyone is eligible to vote, but please only vote once in each category. The formal presentation of the winners will take place at the UKAD Forum on 27 March 2014 so voting will close the evening before. Plenty of time then to have a think and place your vote.

  1. Louise R permalink

    Sounds a bit picky I know but wasn’t Hillsborough Independent Panel Report published 2012, not 2013?

  2. All true, but it has been in the news on and off since. Then again, as it is our first year of the Hilarys we don’t have to be too rigid in the year boundary. Who knows if we decide to do this again we may make it bi-annual and then anything from the previous two years would count!

    • Louise R permalink

      Thanks for clarification. All sounds very sensible. Sorry I couldn’t make the meeting!

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