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June 19, 2013

Thanks to everyone who attended the London meeting last night. It was an interesting discussion, which covered some of the same ground as the North East meeting, but also some very different topics, when a question asked early on sent us off on something of a tangent. I am not going to say any more as I am hoping to reinstigate the tradition whereby those who attended crowd source a report on the meeting by adding their comments below.

Instead I will use the rest of this post to remind everyone about the Twitter chat, which is due to take place this Monday at 8-9pm (hashtag #cardcont). The questions arising from the article, which are up for discussion are as follows;

  • How far is it reasonable to expect employers to adapt to the individual needs of their employees (whether these needs arise from disability or not)?
  • To what extent is recordkeeping really physically demanding work?
  • To what extent is it possible to separate the physical and intellectual aspects of a job in recordkeeping?
  • What changes do you think we most need to make the profession more open to all?

That should be enough, but I am sure we could squeeze in another one, so if you have anything you are burning to ask on this topic, please let everyone know by adding it below.

  1. Jenny Bunn permalink

    The tangent that the meeting went off into was (unfortunately or fortunately depending on your point of view) one of my hobby horses (but honestly I did not start it). It concerned the role of the Journal of the Society of Archivists and the difficulties in combining both a practitioner and an academic frame in research. Not sure we reached any conclusions, but I know I would like to work towards reducing the perception that the difference is a problem, rather than a strength. Once we got back on track, it was good to be able to hear about the work of the ARA Diversity Working Party from two of its members, but I’m hoping they will tell you a bit more about that.

    • If anyone wants to know more about what the ARA Diversity Working Group is doing, the best place to start is the Diversity page on the ARA website:

      There is also a (rather under-used) discussion forum on the ARA website.

      • LouiseARay permalink

        Also look out for, and get involved in, some upcoming work that has been commissioned by ARA to investigate in more detail the level of disability within the archive workforce and the barriers for disable people entering the profession. This piece of evidence gathering will help to inform ARA’s future work in this area.

    • One point arising from the extended tangent to our discussion is how the idea of reducing barriers applies just as much to increasing the number of practitioners writing articles for peer-reviewed journals as it does to increasing the number of people with disabilities joining the profession.

      In both cases, a lot of perceived barriers can be overcome by greater awareness/knowledge and with (?lateral) thought, effort and willingness to engage with people and processes.

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