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Next London meeting

May 31, 2013

No reports from last night’s North East meeting yet, but we hope it went well and look forward to hearing all about it. If you were there, why not tell us what you thought in the comments below.

Not wanting to be out done by our colleagues up North, the details of the next face to face London meeting are as follows; Tuesday 18th June at 6.30pm in the Arts and Humanities Staff Common Room in Foster Court, UCL (directions). Please come along and join in the discussion, which is introduced here by Andrew….

Many archives in the UK have made great efforts in recent years to engage with more diverse audiences and collect records from a broader variety of individuals and organisations. The Archives and Records Association’s Diversity Working Group is currently trying to build on this by attracting a more diverse workforce to the archives, archive conservation and records management professions. The group’s initial focus has been on people with disabilities.

Although relatively little peer-reviewed literature has been produced on this topic, our chosen reading is an article that addresses it directly: Nicola Waddington, ‘The employment of people with disabilities as archivists, records managers, conservators and assistants’, Journal of the Society of Archivists vol 25, no 2 (2004), 173-188.

Whilst reading, it may be useful to consider the article from two perspectives:

  • As a piece of academic research by a practising archivist
  • As a reflection of our individual and collective experiences in the workplace

Remember, if you can’t make it to the face to face meeting, you can always take part in the next Twitter chat, which will be held on Monday 24th June, 8-9pm. Questions for this are always welcome, so please make any suggestions below.

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