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We’ll Tweet Again

April 19, 2013

Thanks to all who attended the last Cardigan Continuum meeting on remembering and forgetting. The articles under consideration certainly got us thinking and the wide-ranging discussion encompassed issues such as; the permissibility of digital material and oral testimony as evidence, the relationship between individual and group informed consent, genuine forgeries, the wearing of life-cams and tele-monitoring for health.

The new venue also seemed to be a success and it was nice not to have to shout to be heard. The next event will be a Twitter chat on Monday 29th April between 8 and 9pm. Please make any suggestions for questions below. So far, we have the following;

  • Why do we think forgetting is bad and remembering is good?
  • What is the role of records in forgetting?
  • Can an archive have a bad memory?
One Comment
  1. I’m tempted to invert the second question and wonder what the role of forgetting might be in recordkeeping. So, my question is: how useful is ‘forgetting’ as a metaphor for the various kinds of ‘silences’ in the archives?

    Non-coincidentally, I have been reading J B Harley on cartographic silences (aka blank spaces and omissions on maps).

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