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Remembering and Forgetting in April

March 28, 2013

For the next meeting of the Cardigan Continuum we are going to try something new. So, instead of meeting in a pub, we will be meeting in the Arts and Humanities Common Room in Foster Court, University College London at 6.30pm on 17th April. Directions can be found here

The texts under discussion have been inspired by the recent Jenkinson lecture delivered by Professor Jeannette Bastian on the subject of ‘Forgetting to Remember: Archivists and the Memory Imperative’. The first of these will be the classic article by Laura Millar ‘Touchstones: Considering the Relationship between Memory and Archives’ originally published in 2006 in Archivaria 61. The second will be Paul Connerton, ‘Seven types of forgetting’, originally published in 2008 in Memory Studies vol.1 no.1 (thanks for the suggestion Fabi).

We hope to see you there, but in the meantime, have a good Easter!

  1. 80gb permalink

    French speaking colleagues might like to look at the French Archivists’ Association’s current campaign against a proposed EU regulation regarding the systematic destruction (according to the AAF) of personal data, which seems relevant here. Has there been any coverage of this in English?

  2. Tim Gollins permalink

    This looks like a brilliabt topic – really looking forward to a discussion – found this at the Stanford Law review site that might be relavant

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