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Happy New Year

January 9, 2013

With the start of 2013 we are putting some thought into this year’s activities, so here is the plan…..

Twitter chats will continue on a regular basis on the last Monday of every second month, so the dates for your diary are 25 February, 29 April, 24 June, 26 August and 28 October with nothing in December. The time also remains unchanged 8pm-9pm.

In between these dates there is room for five face to face meetings, but we will leave the dates of these more flexible to try to accommodate as many of those who would like to come as we can. The date for the first meeting has been fixed though, as 22nd January at 6.30pm.

The text under consideration is ‘The Documentary Moment in the Digital Age: Establishing New Value Propositions for Public Memory” by Daniel Caron and Richard Brown. It can be found in Archivaria 71 but unfortunately that is in the reserved collection so we will base discussion around a shorter version of the keynote address on which the article was based which is available from the Library and Archives Canada website.

We are still seeking a new venue that we like, so for the time being we will return to where it all kicked off and the meeting on the 22nd January will be held in the Marquis of Cornwallis in Bloomsbury.

Hope to see you there!

One Comment
  1. Fabiana Barticioti permalink

    Ephemerality of information… sounds like a good discussion topic!

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