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Reach for the stars?

May 1, 2012

Thanks to everyone who took part in yesterday’s Twitter chat on Archives Accreditation. As usual the conversation was wide-ranging, although a number of themes emerged including;

  • whether or not the standard should include the provision of adequate processing space as another requirement?
  • links with records management and the degree to which the standard recognised some of the special aspects of (in this case) business archives
  • whether the standard was meant to be aspirational or about setting a baseline?
  • whether it was enough to be doing this stuff without necessarily having a policy about it and how accreditation could be made to recognise not just the skill of policy writing?
  • thoughts and reflections on the process of co-creation

Also, as usual there was no consensus on any of these points, but that is conversation for you.

Speaking of which, the next topic of conversation will be the proposed changes to Freedom of Information legislation and we shall meet face to face on Monday 14th May (a little later than usual to avoid the Bank Holiday) at 6.30pm in the Marquis of Granby. Jon has kindly supplied a whole range of references in the comments to The evil of the paper clip post below, so you can take your pick. There are a lot of articles and a video for those who prefer to absorb their information visually. Please feel free to add any further suggestions below. My own would be as follows:

Worthy, Ben and Bourke, Gabrielle (2011) The Sword and the Shield: The Use of FOI by Parliamentarians and the Impact of FOI on Parliament. Constitution Unit: London

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