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More Product, Less Process – The Twitter Chat

March 24, 2012

Gearing up for the #CardCont Twitter chat on More Product, Less Process to be held this Monday, 26th March from 8pm until 9pm. So, here are the questions….

1) Isn’t this what we do already?

2) Is item level cataloguing and preservation too expensive nowadays?

3) What is the ‘golden minimum’?

4) Do we need to have a metric for cataloguing?

5) How does MPLP help us to define or understand the relationship between cataloguing and digitisation?

6) Do we need item level handling and inspection for appraisal?

7) What’s happened to the ‘rule against bias’? (A question for those of you who still remember your MAD – Manual of Archival Description)

Hope you can make it on Monday!


  1. Tim Gollins permalink

    Oh No … I have been tempted … Please, I wish to learn more about the wonders of archives. How can I join thecardigancontinuum ?

  2. You already have!

  3. Tim Gollins permalink

    Excellent – Now how do I find out about the next face to face meeting and what I should read 🙂 the new Draft EU general regulations on Protection of personal data look most interesting by the way, and archives do not appear to be exempt !!

    • Details of the next face to face meeting have been posted now – Change of Plan post – and thanks for the suggestion about the EU regulations.

      • Tim Gollins permalink

        Thanks Jenny

        I hope to join you on Monday 🙂 I am looking forward to reading the document over the weekend in preparation.


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