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Happy Tweeting!

February 24, 2012

The first Cardigan Continuum Twitter conversation will take place on Monday 27th February 8-9pm. The questions to be asked and answered will be as follows. N.B. page references are included where possible to the relevant points within the MoReq2010 specification, just in case you do not get a chance to read the whole thing!

1)      To what extent is the vision of in place and/or in app records management (p18-19) achievable?
2)      And, to what extent, do you see it (the in place/in app vision) as desirable?
3)      What implications might this vision have for future archival users?
4)      What do you see as the advantages and disadvantages of the modular and not model approach (p20)?
5)      In what ways is a distinction between classification and aggregation useful (p25-27)?
6)      How do we achieve buy in from suppliers for records management functionality in all business systems?
7)    What do archivists need to understand about MoReq2010?

Using the hash tag #cardcont as a search will allow anyone who wishes to follow the train of the discussion and using the #cardcont hashtag in your replies or comments will ensure that they show up in the stream as part of the conversation.

If you want to answer a specific question, please indicate which one, e.g. ‘#cardcont q1 not sure I agree….’ – it will be easier to follow the conversation that way.

@nicoleschu and @ammeveleigh will act as moderators and will move through the questions so that they are dealt with (roughly) in turn.

Happy Tweeting!

One Comment
  1. @rcdl permalink

    On the night, it’ll be useful to use a site such as Tweetchat to see all the #cardcont tweets on one page. It refreshes automatically, and you don’t need an account.

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