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MoReq2010 and Wellington’s horse’s mother

February 17, 2012

At the latest meeting, a lively debate ensued on the topic of MoReq2010 and its vision to make every business system a records management system. This then led into further discussion of the chicken and egg situation of having to simultaneously both entice vendors and developers to work for MoReq2010 compliance, and educate buyers/users to ask for it. Also the possibilities offered by MoReq’s modular sets of functionalities in terms of the idea that we might one day reach a stage where it becomes a question of classification, disposal scheduling, or whatever – there’s an app for that! The ideas of interoperability and of what it might mean to be able to export a record were also covered, as were issues of control and trust.

Indeed the topic proved very fruitful and so as an experiment, inspired by the innovators at #uklibchat, we have decided to hold a Twitter conversation on MoReq2010 on Monday 27th February from 8-9pm. Following the #uklibchat model we ask you to add any questions you would like to be asked about MoReq2010 to this blog so that they can be summarised a few days in advance of the 27th to provide a structure for the conversation. Using the hash tag #cardcont will allow anyone who wishes to take part to enter or follow the train of the discussion.

If successful it is intended that such virtual Twitter events will become a regular occurrence, enabling those who can’t make it to a face to face meeting in London to join in as well. The idea then would be that face to face meetings will take place on the first Monday of the month and Twitter conversations on the last Monday, and both will discuss the same text. That means the next face to face meeting will be on 5 March at 6.30pm in the Marquis of Granby, and the text under discussion will be ‘More Product, Less Process’ by Mark Greene and Dennis Meissner.

And so, post your questions below. And finally, as for Wellington’s horse’s mother, the discussion did end up slightly off track in some little know details of Danish history and the alleged presence of the Duke of Wellington’s horse’s mother at the Battle of Copenhagen. Don’t ask me how we got there from MoReq2010 – I’m not sure I know myself!

  1. I believe a horse’s mother is called a dam, and I was not inventing the story about Copenhagen and his mother. I read it in the BBC History magazine some years ago and it is also on Wikipedia:

    “General Grosvenor allegedly took Lady Catherine (in foal with Copenhagen) to Denmark to be his mount during the siege of Copenhagen, a campaign that culminated in the Second Battle of Copenhagen. Copenhagen was either foaled after the battle in Copenhagen and named in honour of the British victory or Lady Catherine was returned to England before his birth and Copenhagen was foaled at Eaton Hall in 1808.”

    Even I am not sure how we got to discuss this – something about Denmark at one time being a super power/empire and it is the British navy’s fault that it is no longer so…?

    I am very mch looking forward to the Twitter experiment. Must have a think about questions.


  2. Looking forward to the Twitter chat too! I would like to ask:
    How will Moreq2010 get providers of non-EDRMS software on board for accreditation?
    How can we educate organisations and user to demand that every system in their organisation is also a records management system?
    And how will Moreq2010 move into the cloud now that the government’s g-cloud store is open?
    And, and, and ….so many questions – I hope lots of people will have answers, suggestions, comments!

  3. I’ve joined Twitter specially for the Cardigan Continuum chat (but this doesn’t mean that I’ve stopped being a Luddite entirely, I hasten to add).

    My question is: How will future archival users react to the kind of recordkeeping envisaged by MoReq2010? Will they bewildered (or even angry) because it’s different from what they’re used to using or will they not notice any difference? Or will there not be any meaningful difference to notice anyway?

  4. will join the chat on Monday but will still miss the pub and the beer of the face-to-face…

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