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August 1, 2011

The Inaugural Meeting of the Cardigan Continuum - One side of the table

A brief report from Saturday’s picnic. Weather, glorious. Food, yummy. Opinion on blogs, mixed. Half those attending had blogs, half did not and the general feeling was that there wasn’t enough time to read them all so most people only read those posts which came with a personal recommendation. That said, it was also acknowledged that blogs could sometimes provide a valuable and different point of view.

The Inaugural Meeting of the Cardigan Continuum - The other side of the table

The date of the next meeting was set for 21st September, but venue and text for discussion are still undecided. Please add any suggestions below and watch this space for the final details.

And last, but not least, here are some photos from the first meeting (thanks James) which have been uploaded so that anyone attending future meetings for the first time might stand a chance of recognising us!

  1. Jenny Bunn permalink

    One thought for what we might read is the article on ‘More Product, Less Process’ by Greene and Meissner in American Archivist 68 (Fall/Winter 2005). It has been highly influential in the States, but is less well known in the UK.

  2. Jenny Bunn permalink

    Might be a bit too archives and not enough records management though….?

  3. Rachel MacGregor permalink

    It’s really useful having suggestions posted here, as for virtual cardigan wearers like myself (who will rarely if ever be able to attend in person)it’s a chance to pick up on things to read that would otherwise have escaped my attention. Just off to dog it out now….

  4. Rachel MacGregor permalink

    I meant dig it out of course. It is Friday afternoon.

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